Monday, April 23, 2012

Stitches South

I'm back from Stitches South and had a fabulous time.  I will start off by saying that I was bad and didn't take a single photo.  I was too busy having fun!  I started off by wandering around the marketplace for a couple hours and managed to spend all my yarn money on gorgeous yarns by independent yarn dyers.  Among them were Madelinetosh, Miss Babs, Neighborhood Fiber Company, and Dragonfly Fibers.  I try to buy indie dyed yarns in person because photos just don't do justice to the vibrant color variations.  While I can't show you my yarns in person, here is a photo of my colorful purchase.  I can't wait to finish my current freelance projects and start designing with these yarns.

My most favorite purchase was from the Fiesta Yarns booth, and it wasn't even yarn!  It was a lavender scented lotion bar made by Milk and Honey.  Here is their awesome website.  I think I see more lotion bars and handmade soap in my future.

I took two classes and both were awesome.  First was Designing a Triangle Shawl with Brooke Nico.  She presented us with a very clear presentation on how triangle shawls are shaped and how to work in additional lace repeats as the shawl gets bigger.  Then we were on our own and got to design our own triangle lace shawl.  On Sunday I took The Entrelac Shift with Gwen Bortner.  The focus of the class was how to incorporate other stitch patterns with entrelac and have a smooth transition.  Gwen provided excellent physical samples and lots of humorous stories while we were working.  Overall the classes were great and I would love to go back next year!

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