Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Interview and Where Have I Been????

Let me start off by writing that I have had the honor of being interviewed by Lumia of Worsted Knitt.  I had a lot of fun answering her questions.  You can read the interview here

Now, where have I been you say?  Well.... I have been moving from California to an army base in Georgia.  It has been a swirl of madness since the end of October and I thought it would never end!  Luckily I didn't have to pack anything (thank you US Government) but I did have to drive my personal vehicles across the United States.  My parents were very helpful and drove with me, along with my knitting assistant, Che.  Poor little Che didn't seem to like the long drive, every time we got in the car he'd cry a bit because he wanted to be sitting on someone's lap and not his dog seat.
On the drive I saw lots of open country and it sure was pretty.  I have never really gotten to see the leaves changing colors in fall so it was amazing to see all the reds, oranges and yellows of the trees along the highway.  Lots of farms too, especially cotton fields.  In Mississippi we found a lone Huddle House out in the middle of nowhere around lunchtime and stopped there to eat.  Next to it was this picked over cotton field.  I sat out on the grass, with Che, and ate my lunch while looking out at the cotton.

It is really amazing how blue the sky is when there is no smog!  Just one of the things that surprised me on the trip.  I was also noticed that most of the states I drove through are MUCH cleaner than California!!

Anyway, I spent a week driving through, I think, 8 states and woefully accomplished no knitting.  My arms were just too tired at night.  But I finally reached my destination and was happily reunited with my husband.  So proud to see him in uniform every day!  And yes, Che is wearing a handknit dog sweater.  I realized 2 days before I left that I had packed up all his sweaters and knew it would be cold on our trip.  So I hopped over to the nearest Joanns and bought some (cringe) acrylic yarn and hurriedly knitted a sweater for him. 
Now I  really feel like an Army spouse.  So far I like living on post, I can find pretty much everything I need here so I don't have to leave the gates too often.  Although we did do some exploring my second weekend here.  First we went to the local museum where I saw this exhibit:

Well if there is a spinning wheel and a loom then this place is ok with me!  We also found the canal, which was beautiful.  I love all the old Victorian style houses on the opposite bank.
After unpacking all my household items I suddenly found myself preparing for Thanksgiving.  Some of my husband's friends didn't get to go home, so they came over here and we had a nice dinner.  They were all so happy to be eating a homecooked meal and being able to sit on a sofa to watch tv.  You don't realize what you'd miss until you don't have it anymore!  It really made me feel good to be able to make them feel like they were home. 

And now I find myself here at my computer, finally able to start thinking about knitting and designing again!  I have had a bit of knitting time in the last couple of weeks and am in the middle of a new sweater design.  It is coming along well so far, and I hope to have the pattern ready by the end of December.

Happy Holidays and Happy Knitting!