Sunday, July 11, 2010

Aster Vest Errata

I received an email today about the gauge for Aster Vest, so I got out my sample and re-checked it. The gauge should be 18 sts= 4", not 14 sts. So sorry for the error! The pattern pdf has been updated on Ravelry.

The Happy Accident or Dyeing is an Exact Science

Early last week an idea for a fiber colorway popped into my head. I was watching tv and suddenly a vision of periwinkle, lilac, coral and sage green appeared to me and I knew I had to dye it up. I finally had time to work on it yesterday and I realized that dyeing is a very exact science. I tried really hard to get the colors from my vision but they didn't turn out exactly right. Well, they didn't turn out right at all! But I still ended up with a pretty piece of fiber. The colors are much brighter than I envisioned, but they are still muted brights that aren't obnoxious or hard on the eyes. My dyeing mentor always tells me "A happy dyer is a dyer that is happy with what comes out the of dye pot." So this happy dyer is sharing a few photos of what came out of the dye pot, Parrot Paradise which is for sale in my etsy shop.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I mean it this time!

Ok, so I posted before that I had finally gotten my blog to link correctly to Ravelry but that was a big lie. After must frustration and several emails to the head honchos at Ravelry, I had to bite the bullet and just change my blog address. It wasn't nearly as painful to export the old blog and import it into the new blog as I thought it would be, so here I am finally with a blog that will actually show up on my friends list. Yay! To celebrate, here is a cute doggie picture.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cairo Hat Pattern

Cairo Hat is a close fitting hat worked in a textured stitch pattern of moss stitch pyramids evoking the monumental pyramids of Egypt.  It is worked in the round from the bottom up with a brim of broken rib.  The stitch pattern is simple enough for a beginning knitter that is ready to try following a chart, but at the same time keeps the work interesting for an intermediate knitter.

Skills Needed:

Materials Needed:
180-220 yards of worsted weight wool yarn

1 US 6 / 4mm 16" circular needle
1 set US 6/ 4mm double pointed needles