Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pattern Update and Promotion

Cabled Heart Gloves is one of my first designs. These gloves are an everyday accessory for me in the winter months. They keep my hands warm and my fingers free to type while I'm at work. After a couple years of abuse, my original pair has become dingy and full of pills. I decided to make a new pair and printed off my pattern. Upon reading it, I decided it was time for a makeover. My designing over the last few years has led me on a long journey in which I have learned many new skills and read a lot of knitting books. In the updated pattern, I am adding an additional size, nicer photos and (hopefully) clearer instructions.

On Ravelry, Casey has just created promotional codes for designers to use in their pattern store. In honor of the new coupons, I have created one for this pattern. Receive $1 off when you purchase both the Cabled Heart Fingerless Gloves and Valentine Cables Hat patterns. Both feature cables with hearts and would create a nice set for a loved one. The coupon code is cabledheart, or just enter the code here. Coupon will be in effect from September 19-October 31.