Monday, April 30, 2012

The evil "C" word: Copyright

"Copyright"- no other word, when mentioned on Ravelry, can bring such vitriol and heated arguments.  Usually I skip over those discussions that argue what copyright covers and what is actually means.  It can all be confusing, as some people think that copyright, licensing, and trademark are all the same thing and finding clear and decisive information is difficult.  Today on Twitter I stumbled across a tweet linking to this free e-book by Knitting Daily on copyright.  It provides clear information and explanations for knitters, designers and yarn store owners.  I think you have to be a member of Knitting Daily to see it, but it is worth signing up if you aren't already a member.  You can find out (in plain English) what exactly you are allowed to do with a pattern and it's accompanying photos.

More exciting news later on today.

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