Monday, April 30, 2012

Interweave Knits Summer 2012

Greetings again, knitters.  Now for the happy news of the day.  I am proud to announce that I have two patterns in the new issue of Interweave Knits.  They are Endira Necklace and Sakura Tee.  You can see the preview for the entire issue of Interweave Knits Summer 2012 here.  So many lovely patterns in this issue, I can't wait to get my copy.

Photos are courtesy of Interweave, except for the close up photo of the necklace.  This is my own image, I added it to show the close up detail of the necklace.

Endira Necklace:  Designing a knitted necklace was a challenge.  With the exception of knitted wire and beads, I haven't found too many knitted necklaces that I thought were fashionable and wearable.  While pondering what I could design, I happened to see a collar style necklace on the pages of Lucky magazine.  I felt like it was sheer serendipity that I saw it and grabbed some graph paper and started designing the lace pattern.  Interweave sent me a lovely linen laceweight yarn in a sage green that completely complimented the silver beads.

Sakura Tee:  I love lace and I love designing with a counterpane construction.  Maybe you can say that counterpane is my 'thing'.  Sakura is an adventure in multi-directional knitting.  The front is begun in the center of the flower motif and worked outwards.  Increases are worked in four corners to make a square.  Each side of the square is separated and each side continued on in Stockinette stitch.  The yokes are worked in an eyelet mesh and the edges are worked in a simple k2, p2 rib.  I used Cascade Pima Silk and it knitted up like a dream.  I only had one previous experience with cotton, and it gave me tremendous amounts of wrist pain and numbness is my fingers.  This yarn was the complete opposite.  It glided around my needles (not too slippery, not too stiff) and had the most wonderful sheen and drape.  I would love to work with this yarn again.  Sakura Tee is meant to be worn with a couple inches of positive ease, to make a comfy but chic tee to wear in hot weather.

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