Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Glamorous Life of a Designer

The Glamorous Life of a Designer... or maybe I should call this post The Not So Glamorous Life of a Designer.  I had a funny moment today that I thought I would share.  I'm sure we all have visions of our 'dream jobs' and think how fun and fulfilling they must be.  Any sort of creative job would fit in that category.  Being a knitwear designer, I'm sure my friends and family have visions of me sitting in my design studio knitting away happily for days on end while my faithful assistant does the boring work of answering emails, organizing and grading patterns.  But I'm sure any designer will tell you that is not at all the case.  While I am lucky enough to have my own studio (spare bedroom with all my crafty junk shoved into it), I hardly spend any time in there and my assistant likes to goof off (see below) and is not so good at typing since he doesn't have thumbs.  He is a good foot warmer and alarm system, so he gets points for that.  He never lets me yarn wander away.  

Designing is done sporadically between all my other jobs.  While I don't have a full-time job away from home, like many other designers do, I am a full-time maid, laundress, dog walker and executive chef.  Today I had a very designer-y moment of having a design accepted for publication, and my moment of triumph is being celebrated by doing laundry.  Laundry will be followed shortly by vacuuming, typing and figuring out how to make a frittata for dinner.  Hopefully more design moments will be interspersed throughout day.

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