Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Happy Accident or Dyeing is an Exact Science

Early last week an idea for a fiber colorway popped into my head. I was watching tv and suddenly a vision of periwinkle, lilac, coral and sage green appeared to me and I knew I had to dye it up. I finally had time to work on it yesterday and I realized that dyeing is a very exact science. I tried really hard to get the colors from my vision but they didn't turn out exactly right. Well, they didn't turn out right at all! But I still ended up with a pretty piece of fiber. The colors are much brighter than I envisioned, but they are still muted brights that aren't obnoxious or hard on the eyes. My dyeing mentor always tells me "A happy dyer is a dyer that is happy with what comes out the of dye pot." So this happy dyer is sharing a few photos of what came out of the dye pot, Parrot Paradise which is for sale in my etsy shop.

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